Forgotten Charm of our ancestors - our unique collection of photos and memories from the past

about our project

Our unique photo project captures the everyday life of people from the hills in Slovakia at the beginning of the twentieth century. The photographs were created gradually over the course of two years and the result is two beautifully comprehensive books about Mariková and Slovak history in general. The first one is already issued and you can order it through this page, the second we will offer you soon.

Our photo project was created as a spontaneous idea to take a few photos from life in the past in traditional costumes in the distinctive village of Mariková, where we - mother and daughter - come from. This quick idea caught hearts of a lot of people, and the tiny photo shoot turned into a big two-year project.

 The aim of the photos is to reconstruct an everyday life of our people from the past, show our modern world where we come from and how hard the life of our grandparents was .

All props and costumes in the photos are original. They come from our own collection or are borrowed from good neighbors and depository. Everyone who participated, either as models or as helpers, deserves a big thank you for their help in implementing the project.

The project will be "transformed" into a two-part publication. The first part, entitled Up Maríková - The Forgotten Charm of our ancestors, is ready to be ordered and delivered to you.

book one - hore marikovÚ

In this first book we talk about everyday life, about peoples day to day work, worries and joys, we will show Marikova costume and explain its individual parts. A large part is also devoted to children, their games, education and responsibilities.

With the photographs we tried to capture the beauty and hardness of the time without embellishments, as it was then, as if we were transferred to the past by a time machine with a camera. Soon, when there is no one to give us information, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will draw from the books like a well of knowledge. We are proud to leave this book as a valuable treasure behind for the next generations.

We haven't forgotten English texts in the books either, so they are also suitable for people who don't speak Slovak. Books can serve as a valuable and beautiful gift from Slovakia abroad, as an excellent presentation of our small country.

 We believe that you will like the books, texts and photos in them the way we like them. We hope to pass on some of our joy in creating this project.

to order the book, simply fill up the form and we will come back to you. we ship worldwide.

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The first book has met with great success and positive evaluation not only from readers.

Klub photopublicistov slovenského syndikátu awarded the book with the 2nd place in the competition for the most beautiful book and promotional material.

In the competition of NOC (National Education Center) she was awarded the Extraordinary Prize

in the section Slovak Chronicle 2020.

We are most pleased with the very positive evaluation of the most respected ethnologist in Slovakia, Dr. Katarína Nádaská.

Apart from that, our book and project was mentioned many times in newspapers and magazines.

book in media

There is an English translation in the book, thanks to which it is well received not only among Slovaks abroad, but also by their friends and acquaintances abroad.

Canadian Slovaks Magazine wrote a beautiful article about the book.

Many prints are ordered by our natives and their descendants in Australia, USA and other continents around the world.